2024 Predictions E-commerce and Retail

Shoppable ads will drive e-commerce sale

Creative programming tie-ins and better buyer experiences will lead the way to more shoppable ads in 2024. “Consumers want an omnichannel experience and the arrival of Shoppable Ads in streaming environments brings this closer to reality,” said Michael Scott, VP of sales and ad operations for Samsung Ads.

In a recent survey, Samsung Ads found that shoppable ads produce great brand recall, in addition to interaction with the brand. Not only did 55% of respondents recall seeing the ad, but half of those who remembered the ad also interacted with it.

“In 2024, we don’t see this slowing down,” Scott said. “When consumers see a product on TV, they want to be able to quickly learn more or purchase that product and increase the ease of access along their path to purchase.”

Shoppable Ads will Connect the Dots for Retail and Beauty, Especially among Gen Z.

Shoppable ads on Roku have gained heavy involvement from traditional retailers like Walmart, along with traditional and direct-to-consumer brands in health and beauty, electronics, home and consumer packaged goods. A main target is Gen Z.

“A whopping 96% of Gen Z adults subscribe to at least one streaming service, and 46% spend two hours or more each day streaming TV,” said Peter Hamilton, senior director, ad innovation, at Roku. “If we pair this viewing data with the impact this audience group has had on the beauty industry — including their adoption of strong brand loyalty and their commitment to support accessibility and inclusivity in beauty — we can expect the beauty market to play a big role in the growth of shoppable ads in TV streaming in 2024.”

Brands that are available through traditional retailers will be the most likely adopters of shoppable ads over the next year.

“Walmart as a brand is leading the charge with explorations of checkout experiences coming from bespoke content such as the most recent holiday RomCommerce Show,” Hamilton said.

He added: “While the concept of shoppable ads is not new and is a feature the industry has been talking about for more than two decades, the technologies that support them have advanced considerably in the past few years. Building on the backs of social commerce, we are able to connect the dots between product catalogs, checkout APIs, and authentication to create frictionless buying experiences on the largest screen in the home.”

Credit: https://martech.org/2024-predictions-ecommerce-and-retail/

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