Yahoo’s New Partnership will Enable Shoppable Retail Ads

Yahoo Advertising has teamed up with e-commerce marketing platform Pear Commerce to bring shoppable ad products to its demand-side advertising platform (DSP).

Pear’s technology connects CPGs with more than 3,000 retailers, representing nearly 165,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada, to put ads for their products in front of consumers that link directly to retailer sites where the product can be purchased. Pear’s newest offering, Pear Connect, enables “instant shoppability” by adding products to a retailer’s e-commerce cart directly from a digital ad. This functionality, designed to reduce the path to purchase down to a single click, can streamline conversions for shoppers, marketers, and retailers alike.

Marketers can customize which products and retailers to display in their ads while leveraging the machine learning capabilities of their preferred media-buying platform to optimize audience targeting. Consumers and retail partners benefit from a streamlined shopping experience that connects shoppers with in-stock products from relevant retailers directly from the ad unit, while marketers gain access to valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns through first-party e-commerce data.

The new partnership with Pear represents an expansion of Yahoo’s current Retail and CPG offering, which also includes support from retail media networks like Lowe’s One Roof Media. Partnerships like this are likely to become more common as the retail media ecosystem matures.