This list is for you if you’re trying to advertise your brand on a retail media network. For the greatest outcomes and a higher marketing return on investment, we have compiled a list of the top 7 retail media networks in 2022 for firms to use.

1. Amazon
Amazon got an astounding 89 percent of the money spent on retail media advertising in the US in 2021, taking the lead. This makes sense in light of the close to 2 billion visitors that Amazon receives each month to their websites and apps.

2. Walmart
A little less than a billion people visited Walmart each month in 2021, making it a wildly successful platform for brands to advertise their goods. Walmart provides a broad range of products, from groceries to technology, much like Amazon.

3. Walgreens
2019 saw the launch of Walgreens’ personal retail media network, Walgreens Ad Group (WAG). With over 100 million members, the myWalgreens loyalty program, and more than 9,000 physical shops, WAG uses first-party data from these sources.

4. eBay
Even though it may have lost the popularity war against Amazon, people still frequently use eBay because it was one of the first online e-commerce platforms to go live. In actuality, 187 million people used eBay worldwide in 2021.

5. Home Depot Retail Media+
Through Retail Media+, the digital advertising platform that connects all of Home Depot’s resources, the retailer allows companies to broadcast advertisements.

6. Target Roundel
Roundel is a programmatic advertising platform that uses the consumer information gathered by Target’s physical and online stores to run advertisements across a variety of platforms, including the store, Target’s physical stores, social media platforms, their influencer partner network, etc.

7. Kroger Personalized Marketing
In order to broadcast advertisements throughout Kroger’s own and partner networks, Kroger makes use of the consumer data collected via its e-commerce website and extensive multi-department network.

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