Retail Media Network Platform and Its Benefits

What is a retail media network platform? When merchants build up an advertising platform on their website, app, or other digital platforms inside their network, that is known as a retail media network platform. Customers can now see advertisements for the store and other brands on websites like and It is a type of digital in-store advertising.

Here is an illustration from the CVS webpage. This is not just a listing of a product; rather, it is an advertisement for a face mask firm on the website of CVS. Take note of the “Sponsored” tag in the bottom right corner.

Retail media networks‘ advertisements may appear on a variety of pages, including:

  • The start page
  • Category page
  • Searching page
  • Page detailing products

This enables marketers to interact with customers at various stages of the purchasing process.

Retail media succeeds because consumers are more attentive to advertisements when they are shopping than when they are engaging in other non-shopping-related activities.

Gains from Retail Media
We’ll start by examining the benefits of retail media and categorizing them based on the participants.

For Store Owners
For retailers, the creation of a new revenue source is retail media’s most important benefit. A retail media network enables shops to participate in the $560 billion global advertising market.

For Customers
The main benefit is that it allows customers more price control. Since retailers are now getting money from advertisements, they won’t be as willing to raise prices. Additionally, retail media benefits consumers by delivering an excellent shopping experience (CX).

For Marketers
Access to first-party data is one of the main benefits of retail media for advertising. First-party data, in this example the retailer, is information that has been gathered and is the property of the website’s owner. First-party data’s finest feature is that it’s gathered instantly at the point of sale, providing you with a greater understanding of consumer behavior.