Peek into the State of Ecommerce Product Search and Discovery, How ChatGPT Helps Retail Sales

Ever had an off-putting product search experience? Perhaps you were looking for an item on a retail website and were bewildered to come up empty-handed. Or maybe pages of search results flooded you with options… none of which really met your needs.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, this could be what your company’s potential customers are experiencing.

According to a new study from Constructor, six in 10 U.S. online shoppers (60 percent) think the online search function on retail websites needs an upgrade.

The findings come from an online survey of more than 460 U.S. shoppers conducted this year and summarized in the report “State of E-commerce Product Search and Discovery 2023: Shoppers in Search of a Change.”

Consumers were asked about various aspects of their online shopping experiences — in particular, related to how they search and browse on e-commerce websites, excluding Amazon. Results highlighted where digital experiences may be lacking for shoppers, and the value retailers can unlock by driving strategic improvements.

Shoppers’ Pain Points

For shoppers today, the path from “search” to “purchase” isn’t always straightforward, engaging or hassle-free. For example:


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