Microsoft Ad Updates Worth Watching

Microsoft is picking up ad spend by improving search, social, and video features, as well as improving ad targeting and measurement. The company is also inserting itself into the rapidly growing retail media market. In the last few weeks, Microsoft has announced a slew of updates that will help it expand its business.


Programmatic ad spending now accounts for about 9 in 10 digital display ad dollars in the US, according to our forecast. Microsoft is boosting its programmatic potential and pushing the use of AI along the way to keep advertisers happy as they deal with the challenges of signal loss related to Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency and Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies.


Clicks on ads within Bing Chat are 1.8 times higher than clicks on ads in traditional search, according to Kya Sainsbury-Carter, corporate vice president of Microsoft Advertising, as reported by Search Engine Round Table.


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