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In response to the evolving consumer shopping habits and the increasing convergence of online and offline retail, IAB has introduced the IAB Connected Commerce Summit: Retail Reimagined. This inaugural event taking place on September 13 gathers retailers, marketers, and solution providers in-person in New York City to address the challenges and opportunities presented by connected commerce and retail media.

“No one could have predicted how quickly the commerce experience has changed on all sides of the equation. Consumers, retailers, and the extended digital ecosystem are rapidly evolving to meet this new marketplace dynamic,” said David Cohen, CEO, IAB. “IAB Connected Commerce Summit will make sense of this new landscape for marketers, and deliver innovative insights to maximize the use of retail media networks, capitalize on trends in social shopping, and more.”

Cohen continued, “Retail media networks have exploded over the past few years. For many brands, they are uncharted territory. We’re thrilled to be able to host an event that will help brands and retailers come together, hear from experts, and navigate this new growth engine.”

The IAB Connected Commerce Summit will explore four key themes: data and measurement, new content experiences, the rise of retail media networks, and innovation and technology in commerce. The one-day event will showcase innovative technologies, platforms, measurement opportunities, and data possibilities through forward-thinking keynote presentations and panel discussions. Attendees will learn from thought leaders in e-commerce and retail media about the most impactful strategies to improve the shopping experience, deliver revenue growth, and help marketers revolutionize their marketing campaigns, and remain competitive.

IAB will also be releasing its first-ever comprehensive research study on the retail media ecosystem. The study aims to show how effective communication and collaboration both within and across companies, including retailers, brands, and agencies, are integral to tapping the full market potential of retail media.​​

As part of its mission to continually educate its membership on emerging areas in our industry, IAB has been focused on retail media and will release its retail media measurement standards for public comment at the event.

In addition, IAB’s Retail Media Network Committee recently launched the IAB Retail Media Buyer’s Guide which brought leaders from retail media networks, agencies, brands, and ad tech companies together to develop a playbook for media buyers to understand the full capabilities of retail media onsite, offsite, and in-store.

“One challenge we’ve heard from brands, agencies, and media buyers was a need for consistent measurement, metrics, and outcomes across all retail media networks,” said Jeffrey Bustos, Vice President, Measurement Addressability Data, IAB. “During our IAB Connected Commerce Summit, we will be sharing an update on measurement standards in collaboration with MRC as well as presenting new research to address the issues brands and marketers face when reaching consumers through their shopper journey.”

Credit: https://www.iab.com/news/iab-launches-connected-commerce-summit-retail-reimagined/

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