Have You Heard About the Power of Retail Audio Advertising

Rolling Stone recently published an article drawing attention to the importance and often underappreciated power of retail audio advertising. The author, Amanda Dorenberg, claims that “the quarantine highlighted consumers’ demand for multisensory buying experiences, and no other medium fortifies the digital retail communications connection more than overhead audio advertising.”

Dorenberg shared a story about how she was walking home from the dog park when a sudden realization hit her: she needed to grab ingredients for dinner. While shopping, a retail audio message caught her attention, promoting an ice cream brand she had been wanting to try. After a quick diversion to the freezer aisle, she purchased the ice cream, all thanks to the ad she heard.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping venues, retail audio advertisements stand out as the one medium that consumers neither can nor wish to ignore. Such audio campaigns consistently connect with all patrons, regardless of their location within the establishment. This strategy blends music, environmental sounds, and spoken messages to craft an immersive shopping ambiance and update customers on the latest products and offerings.

Last year, the Path to Purchase Institute performed a survey, which concluded that “nearly three out of four shoppers notice in-store audio ads and 48% say they often seek out and consider purchasing the brands they hear promoted over retail audio — about the same engagement rate as ads on video monitors and digital screens.” The survey’s data also showed that nearly 85% of surveyed shoppers “said they consider purchasing the products they hear about on in-store audio messages.”

Additionally, in-store audio promotions offer a powerful platform for non-endemic brands that aren’t directly related to the store’s primary products. Be it a film premiere, a travel agency promotion, the introduction of a new vehicle, or a telecommunications brand, these unrelated advertisers can reap the same advantages as those brands that are sold within the store.

When weighing the pros and cons of in-store audio ads, Insider Intelligence noted that “audio ads are a relatively low lift for both brands and retailers. Brands can easily record ads in-house while retailers can use their existing sound systems to play the spots in-store. There’s little to no disruption of the customer experience, as customers are already primed to hear music and other announcements.” As potential downsides, it’s possible customers will tune the ads out, and it can be challenging to measure the effectiveness of the ads.

Walmart started introducing ad spots to its in-store radio, Walmart Radio, in June to give “suppliers the ability to purchase ads by region or by store so they can target key markets.” Walmart noted in its announcement that “in-store audio gives brands a new tool for surround-sound engagement in the context of an omnichannel, full-funnel campaign, while being non-intrusive to the shopper.”

Canadian Grocer explained that more food brands are starting to embrace in-store audio ads as well. While navigating the aisles of a grocery store, shoppers are inundated with countless product advertisements. The sheer volume of options can lead to decision fatigue, with a sea of brands vying for their attention at every turn. In this setting, audio advertising has become an innovative way for food brands to stand out. Positioned uniquely within the grocery soundscape, customers will hear these audio promotions no matter where they are in the store, providing a refreshing departure from the typical visual clutter of POP displays and shelf talkers.

Canadian Grocer’s data found that “60% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf,” so audio ads can reach a brand’s target audience where buying decisions are actually made. Additionally, “in-store audio ads can be created to amplify a message, promotion, or offer. They can also align brands with a seasonal event like Halloween or National French Fry Day.”

Many retailers already play music inside their establishments for ambiance. With all of these benefits, they might want to try adding some audio advertisements as well.

Credit: https://retailwire.com/discussion/have-you-heard-about-the-power-of-retail-audio-advertising/

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