Given how much of our lives are now spent online, companies must look beyond TV jingles and magazine advertisements to engage with consumers online. The beauty of digital advertising is that it enables nimble small business owners to compete with the global corporate heavyweights in the same ad space. Almost any firm can pay its way to the top of a Google search or insert an ad right in the center of a YouTube movie. What is the most popular advertising platform? Definitely Google Ads.

Google Ads
Google provides advertisers with one of the most efficient platforms for connecting with the correct audience in addition to a huge audience as the most popular search engine in the world. Advertisers may reach their audience with Google Advertisements through display ads, search ads, or a combination of both. In the majority of Google searches, organic search results are sandwiched between a series of keyword-targeted Google Ads at the top and bottom of the SERP. Remarketing advertising, which explicitly targets returning users, banner ads, TrueView in-stream commercials on YouTube, and other ad formats are examples of display ads that can appear on web pages.

Benefits of Google Ads
With the help of Google’s targeted advertising, it’s simple for companies of all sizes to reach out to prospective clients who are already actively looking for the products or services your company offers online. Because of Google’s uncomplicated approach to data and analytics, it’s simple to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and change your focus as necessary.

Google Ads’ drawbacks
Depending on how fiercely competitive the market is for your specific set of keywords, costs may be exorbitant. Additionally, advertisers need to be aware that Google Ads isn’t completely error-free. Although Google Ads handles the majority of the labor-intensive tasks, advertisers are still responsible for adhering to standard SEO practices and designing user experiences that encourage consumers to become customers.

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