Google Accelerator For Blockchain Companies Launches

Google announced on Tuesday the expansion of its Google Cloud Startup Program to blockchain companies.

The partnership offers up to $6 million in partnering grants and several hundred thousand more in Google Cloud credits that companies can use to access computer processing power.

Collaborators will offer up to $1 million in token rewards per company to support to support Web3 startups building on Google Cloud from the teams behind blockchains Aptos, Celo, Near, Solana, and Hedera Hashgraph.

“Our new benefits give Web3 projects and startups the technology, community, and resources that they need to focus on innovation over infrastructure,” James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Web3 engineering director, and Ryan Kiskis, director of Google Cloud’s Startup Ecosystem, wrote in a post.

Support also includes early access to Google Cloud’s Web3 products as well as priority review for Coinbase’s Base Ecosystem Fund that supports projects planning to build on Base, the company’s recently announced layer-2 blockchain.

The goal is to help Web3 founders and developers without creating technical debt that slows them down.