State of Digital Marketing Report: AdRoll

State of Digital Marketing Report

AdRoll, a leading marketing and advertising platform that helps business-to-consumer brands grow their businesses, today released the Q1 2024 edition of its State of Digital Marketing Report, a comprehensive summary drawing from marketing trends and insights consolidated from more than 20,000 online businesses, offering ideas to help digital marketers further improve marketing ROI. In Q4 […]

Leveraging AI for Retail Business Expected to Drive the Market Size to $38 Billion by 2029

Leveraging A.I. for Retail Business Expected to Drive the Market Size to $38 Billion by 2029

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in every facet of our world today. The retail business is employing it more and more. A recent report from Mordor Intelligence said that: “AI in retail is undergoing significant transformations with the integration of Retail AI. Companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Retail to enhance strategies, improve outcomes, and boost […]

Shopify ‘Audiences’ Boosts Cookieless Ads

Shopify ‘Audiences’ Boosts Cookieless Ads

Shopify Audiences is a data-sharing, machine-learning co-op that gives participating Shopify Plus merchants an edge in digital ads. It could be a model for cookieless advertising. Regulators, big software companies such as Apple and Google, and many shoppers have demanded better personal privacy protection. These demands upended the advertising industry. Advertisers and platforms alike are […]

JCDecaux Launches The First Global Airport Programmatic DOOH Offer

JCDecaux launches the first global airport programmatic DOOH offer

The number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announces the launch of the first global airport programmatic DOOH offer, a first-of-its-kind solution that empowers brands and agencies to execute targeted, dynamic and contextualised advertising campaigns effortlessly across JCDecaux’s programmatic-enabled airports through the VIOOH SSP (Supply Side Platform) and more than 30 DSPs (Demand Side Platform), including […]

Shoppers to Grocers: Make Digital Ads Relevant

Shoppers to Grocers Make Digital Ads Relevant

Grocers say they believe AI is a “key enabler of retail media success,” with 82% agreeing that AI can improve shopper targeting Grocery shoppers are tired of seeing so many digital ads online and are only likely to click on them if they’re relevant to their own needs, according to Grocery Doppio’s January 2024 Digital […]

Retail Media Taps U.S. “Impulse Spend” Economy: 67% of Shoppers Make Unplanned Purchases After Seeing Product Ads in-store, ADvendio’s Research Shows

Retail Media Taps U.S. Impulse Spend Economy

Growing Retail Media Network (RMN) capabilities are helping U.S. retailers tap into the impulse spend economy, encouraging shoppers to make unplanned, spontaneous purchases of products advertised in-store, according to the latest research from ADvendio, the leading omnichannel advertising solution provider. Original research of over 1,000 U.S. shoppers by ADvendio revealed that over two-thirds (67%) had […]

Why Tropicana is Betting on Retail Media as Google Starts to Deprecate Third-party Cookies

Why Tropicana is betting on retail media as Google starts to deprecate third-party cookies

Google’s third-party is (finally) crumbling. At the same time, the way shoppers search for information has expanded beyond Google, into TikTok, Amazon and other retail platforms. It’s made for a booming retail media networks business that brands like Tropicana are increasingly relying on to target shoppers. For the last five years or so, the juice […]

Retail Media to Elevate In-Store Grocery Experiences in 2024, Experts Say

Retail media to elevate in-store grocery experiences in 2024, experts say

While 2022 saw retail media emerge in the grocery industry, this past year marked this type of marketing becoming a necessity for grocers to connect with shoppers, remain competitive in the industry and please brand partners. Regional and specialty retailers, such as Sprouts Farmers Market and Giant Eagle, joined national grocers in the retail media […]