What does a NAI do? The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a leading self-regulatory organization made up only of third-party digital advertising businesses, was established in 2000. The NAI, a non-profit organization, works to protect the integrity of the online ecosystem by upholding strict guidelines for the collection of data and its usage in online and mobile advertising. Our company also offers consumers easy-to-use opt-out options while educating and empowering them to make informed decisions about their interactions with online advertising.

By publishing a draft Code of Conduct for the mobile application environment in 2013, the NAI expanded the scope of its well-regarded program and rigorous requirements to advertising within mobile applications.

The NAI extended its stringent criteria to subsequent-generation advertising technologies with the publication of its Guidance for the use of Non-Cookie Technologies in 2015. Implementing these best practices, in our opinion, will increase confidence and encourage the ongoing creation of educational, innovative, and free content and services on the Internet, throughout the mobile ecosystem, and beyond.

The NAI released the 2018 Code of Conduct in 2017; it included pertinent NAI Guidance materials, updated language, and consolidated standards for web- and app-based data collection and usage into one document.

The NAI released the 2020 Code of Conduct in 2019, incorporating the Viewed Content Advertising Guidance into it, modernizing terminology, adding new definitions, codifying the use of offline data for digital advertising, and broadening the definition of “tailored advertising” to include “audience-matched advertising.”

The NAI’s “Self-Regulatory Principles Governing Online Preference Marketing” were approved by the FTC in July 2000 with the intention of alleviating some of the aforementioned privacy issues. Along with endorsing NAI’s self-regulatory principles, the US Department of Commerce urged online businesses to implement privacy policies and create privacy codes of conduct.

The NAI changed its guiding principles in 2008 after publishing them in 2001.

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