The use of digital media and internet networks to advertise products is known as digital marketing. Like Google my business, WhatsApp, website, and other platforms. In fact, internet users have an additional 4.8 billion people (data report). This means that more people are connected to the Internet so digital marketing efforts are needed. Then, What are the 3 types of digital media?

Here are 3 types of digital marketing media that you need to know about:

Advertising by email
Email marketing can be done by different methods like cold emails, awareness emails, and newsletter emails.

In summary, email marketing is applied to companies in the form of B2B (business to business), but nowadays many B2C (business to consumer) companies are penetrated by email marketing to increase consumer engagement.

Marketing Videos.
Basically, video marketing is one of the branches of digital marketing that can be executed on various channels such as social media, company website, youtube, and even email. Consumption of video content among the public is increasing with social media such as Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram also increasing the effectiveness of video marketing.

The kind of content used for video marketing will vary depending on the goal.

Marketing influencers.
Influence marketing today is the style among top businesses to increase image and sales.

A type of digital marketing that combines traditional and modern marketing formats.

Influencer marketing is typically a long-term partnership between businesses and content producers with the primary goal of promoting products.

However, some companies don’t work with influencers for the sole purpose of publicly “announcing” their products.

Essentially, influencer marketing can combine the concept of “celebrity” approval that has earned its reputation with new, content-centric mediums like Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

An influencer can come from a variety of horizons and often the number of their adopters on social media.

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